Touches Of Home with Eucalyptus

Sharing a touch of home today, as I went to the market earlier and purchased a new tea set that I will be sharing very shortly, along with a few seeded stemmed Eucalyptus. 

Eucalyptus can be used in many different ways, as many love it for its finishing touches it adds to a bright and beautiful floral bouquet. Others, including myself, love it as a styling element in the home. They smell absolutely refreshing and the aromas of the stemmed tree-like plant are proven to relieve stress. 

Where ancestry derived from, in Cape Verde (Western Africa) we use Eucalyptus as a spiritual benefit. We boil the leaves and stems and bathe in it spiritually from time to time. The leaves can also be boiled and consumed as a tea. This lovely plant also can be burned as an alternative to sage, creating the same benefits of attracting energy as well as relieving stress. 

I've grown up with eucalyptus around home always. We even make oil out of this precious plant that is amazing with aches and pains. You get me, it's good for everything and the finishing look of a home or tabletop speaks for itself. 

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