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Besides the thought that this post title automatically makes me think of "The Weekend" by SZA, It's the weekend! Overall, great album, if you haven't heard it yet, you totally should! Stream it here on Spotify or Apple Music

Anywho... The weekend. I haven't worked a day job in over a month, therefore there is lots of room for creativity and balance within self. Funny, 'cause I typically ask for this time the most when my body is physically drained from work and I have been on mobile mode since the start of summer. Fast forwarding to now, I am currently home, trying to gather a plan of what exactly needs an execution this weekend. There is a list of things at this point that needs finishing. For starters, the conclusion of issue three of Cep. I will more than likely hit Target to restock on some personal items such as toothpaste, cleaning products and a quick browse of whats on shelves this week for books.

I look forward to mornings with the perfect amount of coffee and to light up an incense or palo santo, to clear up some energy that's been weeding along through the week.  That and morning inspiration through a book or Pinterest is just my perfect way of beginning any day. 

Take a peek at some things I'm into this weekend...

 Planter & French Press / White Wide Leg Pants / Linens / Moroccan Babouches / Basket from Africa.

I'm literally so into these right now, besides me speaking on the need for a new nightstand, I'm just in need of a lot of things. Maybe not, but again, it's that urge and craving that we turn down, but does seem to relieve whatever stress we feel, temporarily. I've had my eye on Yield Design's for quite some time. Especially that french press! Mine recently broke and I need it more than ever. Same goes for the planter, long overdue. White pants have been the death of me, as I find it literally impossible to find something that is tailored like Everlane and fits accordingly. This design is much like Vintage and that sells me. Cultiver is so stunning and I'm into investing in a few pieces for my coming space in the months. It's getting a bit cooler, but I'll wear mules if I could all year round. Besides, September and October still peeks in the 80's in terms of weather. Lastly, these gorgeous baskets have been calling me to my roots for quite a while. Now that I am older everything is much more pristine to me and meaningful. I just have to visit Africa very very soon. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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