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Saint Heron, a hub for all things music, culture, and art. A platform founded a few years ago by two lovely women. The foundation first started off as a blog, keeping you up to date with black culture and its art through day to day ethics and projects by some artists you may have never heard before (and you fall in love once you do like I did with Abra) and of course those you've heard of. bra) and of course those you've heard of.

Over time, the brand extended it's foundation and arms and established a community where people can catch more vibes and/or even products as an everyday essential. So yes, a shop with all the elements that delivers classic essentials and clothing, designed exclusively in-house.  Recently, the team has launched a collection of ceramics that immediately caught my eye.  The rustic tones are just enough to fit any area of my space and to be used all year round. From lovely drinking mugs to still-life storage tumblers and vases. 

Ideally, I enjoy a very clean space, with not much focus on the details but more of the spaces and uses of how every-day tools can be placed purposefully with a meaning behind it. The designs of these mugs specifically identify my side of confidence and inner-individuality. See more below.

You can view the collection here
Photos by Pavielle

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