Santa Clara 1728

I'm dreaming of a getaway. Somewhere distant of the land of the states. Undoubtfully, it's been like that for quite some time now.  These days I cannot even get a grab of what it is that I'm truly feeling. I'm just shifting and breezing on by. Changing the appearances of my environment through the emotions that I am constantly masking. Therefore, Portugal, seems to be my calling more than ever these days. As a native Cape Verdean, Portuguese is our main language, as the country once, but not so long ago was colonized by the Portuguese. 

So, you probably understand that we entertain, communicate and share a cultural experience through the native language and population of Portugal. Many members of my family have visited, also having minor non-traceable roots of Portuguese background from ancestry makes me want to establish a bit more of a complex meaning and understanding to my rhythmic flows of undocumented personable traits. My constant love and longevity for bright and airy environments calls me to a home built originally in 1728, now a divine hotel space designed by João Rodrigues. The historical charm is located in a central area of Portugal, surrounded by a quaint neighborhood and gorgeous views. 

 This stunning location looks quite hard to part, as light streams through multiple floor-to-ceiling windows. I personally want to stream my Indie R&B playlist and jam out to soft tunes, sipping sweet mint tea and evening walks around the town with a few loved ones. For someone in their early twenties, I don't seek much of the night life and its festivities, though don't get me wrong, there are a time and a place for everything indeed, and I surely enjoy my time when granted. 

 As Europe has been on the list of visits, Portugal in the lead (after Paris of course). Though sharing this serene location, and imagining many well-spent days with loved ones couldn't help but be shared. 

Photography by Francisco NogueiraNelson Garrido, and Renée Kemps.

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