Ferm Living: Autumn Winter 2017

I wouldn't say that I've taken a break but there has a been a shift in my schedule in terms of when I am creating time to work and make a focus on the things that I chose to share. My mind feels cluttered with thoughts and executions that I want to make physical, but I stay reminded to work with the things that I do have and to work more towards goals while incorporating that into one.

Today I'm sharing Ferm Living's Collection of the current Autumn/Winter season. It's details for everyday use in the home create an allowance for any reconsideration in change or approach towards the sentiments of our homes.

The warmth in tones creates substance in our surroundings and more improvision in areas that we may fall off on during the cooler seasons. I like to think of it as a booster, especially while spending more time enclosed. Our consciousness begins to shift and overall become drained. 

Aside from the desires and the space that we make time to consume and add, there are things that I would love to focus on as opposed to adding and buying to my surroundings. I've been really into maintaining a healthy diet these days, and by that, I mean making sure that my daily source of food and nourishment intake is instilled and practiced so that I can then initiate the next steps of exercising and working on weight. Not always the best in terms of what I decide on eating, but I am reminded that every day is a new day and that our bodies are already formulated to only fuel on the things that respond well. 

You can shop the collection here, and internalize the concept and process of the overall collection on their website here.   
All Images by Ferm Living.

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