The Homes of Bloggers That Inspire Me

Wow, the week flew. I had only Monday off from my day job, leaving six whole days back to back to be filled in with work during the day and digital/creative work during the evening. It's Friday, things are way behind in terms of deadlines, so I'm wrapped up in a corner of a cafe, drinking green tea (this universe knows I've had heaps of coffee this entire week) you know the rest.

I wanted to conclude the weekend on sharing some homes of my favorite stylists, creatives and how they utilize the spaces in their home, with keeping their style personal, minimal and refreshed.

I've followed these accounts through social platforms for quite some time and it's quite easy to admit how they've inspired my desire for creatively directing, formulating content and making my own space everything that is suiting to my needs in an acting balance of mindfully choosing the things I want, while essentializing it's needs to my everyday use. Check them out:

These are bloggers whom have a keen taste for simplicity. I've decided to share bloggers and not so much of Instagram users purposely, though three of four of these lovely curators are located in Europe, one resides in the US, demonstrating Scandinavian tastes with a moderate and contemporary envisioned environment. Most of my admiration for minimalism derives from Africa, as modernism is expressed throughout most regions of Africa as well. It's great that we can incorporate such great taste through a social community where we inspire and create stronger felt ideas to our everyday spaces.

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