Weekend Wishlist

First and foremost, the week just flew! Saying hello to Friday already as dusk approaches, waiting for the new dawn. I'll admit that this week felt pretty normal, which has not been that way in quite some time. I spent most of the early afternoon into the evening working, while my morning consisted of enforcing that I eat a good breakfast and my clothing was properly ironed. So, this is what I mean by things feeling normal, after quite some time. I've been hustling and shuffling through these weeks, getting caught up on finances and perhaps future work related plans? Since moving isn't in the plan just yet, I've thought about heading out a bit more again and of course, tweaking the space. I'm currently in the constant thought of wanting to make some changes around me — to create more space and eliminate the details around me that aren't drawn to my liking. Once that process is enrolled, I'll be sure to document my steps and share how I went about making decisions and conserving to my highest standard. 

However, yes, the wishlist! I'm sharing some things this week that I've laid my eyes on maybe more than twice. Anyone improving anything these days? Check out my wishes below: 

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