A minimal home that delivers a perfect color combination

Take a tour of this beautiful home, "DB Gent" in  Ghent, Belgium designed by Frederic Kielemoses.  I personally came across the stunning design of this minimal yet balanced color-combined space last week.  It creates space and consideration for someone who prefers to not combine color accents in the home. A classic use of tones, introducing experimentation throughout the space are eased into more natural appearances with combinations of marble and demonstrated designed furniture pieces. Dreamy!

I personally feel as if my blog became heavily focused and influenced based on interiors and spaces, though this implies a major part of the process and the undocumented experiences. Working in my own space has been something I've considered highly throughout the remaining year and I contextualize the reality more and more as each day greets me. It's something I am personally excited about and a bit concerned (obviously, though). Fairly enough, I would be disappointed long term if I did not take my time in outlining my surroundings. Everything should have meaning and flow into what the four corners have to give itself.

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