Warm Nordic Kitchen by Nordiska Kök

When a bit of warmth calls, there is never a question as to why... I am a strong believer in how things feel, and when an expression of warmth becomes revealed through a clothing garment or mood to the set environment I do not question. 

A new firm based in Sweeden, Nordiska Kök is a design company that specializes in customizing kitchens. The airy and soft-lit setting is styled by Styled by Sundling Kickén / Photography by Fanny Hansson

 Kitchens are dearly vital to our experiences and how we chose to share them. I personally think that styling my own kitchen will be the longest and last to be completed amongst the home. I think of how I deliver my taste to my friends and relatives, with a studious understanding of how minimalism constructs an immediate liking due to the lack of items and use of colorism that doesn't appear to be direct. It's almost like finding something you subconsciously bond with.

Let alone the laughs and many meals (wines too, of course) enjoyed. It all sums up ideally.

First seen on The Design Chaser Blog.

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