A stay with The Catahoula Hotel in New Orleans

New Orleans has approached me three different times this year and I almost cannot believe it myself. This city is mysteriously magical and constantly calls me to ease and rejuvenation. I instantly notice how I interpret things that I may have lost the interest of. My intentions grow wider each time and the ability to just feel whats around me and move around its flow of energy is extremely inviting. That's what New Orleans is, in my opinion. I coulnd't help but book a quick two night stay with the Hotel, to take a leap into something refreshing and more pacing for my own set standards. It was just what I needed before the Holidays.

This lobby is a staple alone and you wont want to leave, from the rustic mid-century furningshings, to the checkered tile that reflects off the South-American indoor houseplants. It's a home well imagnied. Though most of my trip rained, I was in a battle between light and composition for the perfect images that vividly capture what this stay meant to me. Dim, relaxed and ever so charming.

 The details in this room were my favorite. The building dates back to 200 years old, once owned by New Orleans architect James Gallier, which has been researched and conducted by current developers Keely Williams and A.J. Brooks. Williams and Brooks are Design Developers for Ley Line Development, with The Catahoula Hotel being the company's first development project. Info by The Advocate.

 I've been lounging film around with me lately, for whenever my intituitive communicates with the urge to capture something sharp and classic. It's a bit of what we're all encounterig and delivering these days as creatives and photographers. Film just does what digital can't. Camera above: Yashica AutoFocus Motor D.

Details of the stunning courtyard that is a "see it for yourself" moment. Seriously, super lush and moderate. It still feels very much like New Orleans but from a perspective that is more 'grown up' per-se. With of course, the rustic warmth that has this city written all over it. 

I spent much of my time around the Central Business District, which neighbors off with the French Quarter (the heart of the city). It was beautifully set, with gray skies and one hundred percent humidity which was quite alright. Anything to beat the East-Coast chill. 
There is much to do NOLA, and I've surely done a ton during my past few stays but my interpretation was different this time. The approach was focused and relaxed on the outlines of my creative input. If it is your first time travleling to this city, don't feel entitled to take on everything the city has to offer all in one trip. The city is fairly wide, making each town interesting to attend. I'd reccomend doing some research about places that you may find interesting, and tackle them, leaving plenty of room for eating (theres just a ton of great food!) From fair times previously spent exploring, there are a few places I would dearly reccomend anytime visitng New Orleans, either marking meaning of what a true stay is like, and/or the comfort and kidness within communities in this city that make you feel at home. 
1. Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans.
2. Mammoth Espresso. 
3. Café Amelie (ask for their best server). 
4. Marigny Opera House.
5. Explore The Bywater, CBD + Tremé Lafiyete. 

Disclaimer: This trip was compensated and sponsored by Catahoula Hotel in New Orleans, Louisianna. All opinions, words and images are expressed and my own.

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