A balanced and warm interior by Susanne Swegen

Happy weekend! Where have I been? I know right, I spent the beginning of the week in New York City, as well as managing a few things on the side. While still being on the hunt for a space in the New England area, I remain moved by the perfect balance between minimalism and warmth in living spaces. Lately, colors have drawn me in more in my wardrobe, but muted pallets speak more for my surroundings.

Interior designer Susanne Swegen demonstrates emotion through her styling in a way that is extremely inviting and attentive. The conversation throughout the space moves along perfectly for anyone to feel connected as well as invited in.

Though I don't have an exact timeframe for when I plan on moving and how I will go about my space, I am also open and on the lookout to styling my own space in the meantime as well. I feel as if that task is eternal. You can never finish tweaking your space, as well as learn how pairing works. What is it exactly that is being represented by your space and how do these certain objects flow?

Images by Andrea Papini — Styling by Susanne Swegen for Life at Home Ikea

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