A clean space for the new year

The new year has already striked so many emotions. I couldn't help but cry a bit and really observe the things that have developed, and eventually no longer are vague memories. I admit I don't know how to feel about this. Some days it's easier than the others. 

This year, I aim to stray away from the smaller areas that I'm always looking to improve. I aim for more consistency and more discipline. I've personally conducted enough research on how to do things the right way, or to strategically improvise on what should be invested in, to only learn the true answers that only lye within self. I aim to allow the frequencies to motion in its purpose, as I believe everything happens for a reason. This applies to the space around me and the spaces that I invite myself into. 

I don't want to imply on resolutions because our processes are all different and things do take time. You cannot thoroughly map out how things will be received and deconstructed from your possession though, trust in the process and promise yourself to only stay focused on the outcomes of self-assertion. As a creative, I, of course, aim to take on more but to also narrow my intentions and plans and focus on moving into my own space.  

To kick off the new year, I've taken some photos of my space to launch the enthusiasm for a positive year ahead.

All images are my own. 

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