Monday's Motion: Home by Louise Liljencrantz

Wishing you all a great start to the week ahead! I for one don't have much to work on this week which is great because it allows room for updating my blog and working on the things that are so often neglected. I keep revisiting this constant state of wondering what may be next, but I'm also allowing room for inspiration to curate something that is significant to me in the near future. 

For starters, I am on the hunt for my own space. So it was almost meant to be that I stumbled upon this gorgeously styled home. This space is a lovely minimal home with hues of warmth that vary from beige tones and touches of walnut-wood that make the home pop perfectly. This space was designed by Louise Liljencrantz and photographed by Erik Lefvander,  for Residence Magazine. 

 Homes around the United States aren't as industrialized as the homes located in Europe so the feel is more so left upon us to compromise with space and lighting to make the most of, but these ideas stimulate so much of what the potential lies upon the areas of our spaces. The feeling is airy and clean, with details that make the home feel right. I notice as time goes on, there are always spaces for an opinion on our own about what our space could still use and maybe eliminate. Maybe my standards are a bit too high for what I have planned for my coming space.

I don't want to rush anything. I believe a home feels like home when things are granted to you, for its purpose. Not materialistically, but more spiritually. The features and designs of our homes speak enough of who we are and what we may aim towards visually for our self-satisfaction. Home is what you make it and how it is brought together, so regardless of where I am placed, I will be surely thankful.

First seen on Coco Lapine Design Blog.

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