Still, still

Being snowed in rejoices all things still and all things that do not deserve an answer. They are just there to be, and that is exactly how I am approaching the new year. Less of complaints and typical doubts, converting that into more independence and structure in its purpose. I'm learning to not hold on, and know that what once was will no longer be then. Oh, time... You only seem to speed up, and as more moments become mine and include less input, I'm inviting to more meanings.

Things around here are still. Candles are lit, and music has been shuffling for hours. In fact, it's entire day. My flight was recently canceled back to New Orleans and again, taking it as it is, without much complaint or mischief. Things are what they're meant to be, and what is still, will remain still for its reason. Sharing work by interior and concept stylists, Elin Kickén and Evolotta Sundling. Photos by Emily Laye Art however, I thought was beautifully correspondent to the styling work and was painted by Samantha Totty.

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