There's a longing in what the weekend retains. How do we adhere the time, during the final moments of the week that create space for us to be? Is it a substance, or an action that formulates your meaning of a weekend? Or is it the benefit of a freewill during a grace-period?

A wandering that grew in me was seeking something warm, toned, and relying on the future. From the grounds that I walk on to the wardrobe that suits me to my personal best creates the base of what inquiries the mind. Body, much like art speaks in forms of inner emotions. What's not said is made from the inner, and projects as its form. The made-up substance of an emotion.

Time demonstrates it's act in light. The non-manipulative, never-ending, foot-forwarded existence moves and is proven by the companionship of light and shadow. Timing is like a child, you grow as it grows, through thick and much thin, you begin to remember it's pattern in play each and every day. In the spaces where we've raised our energies.

Words by Ryan Lopes.
Photos above from left to right found on Pinterest: Kitchen by &SHUFL / Denim by M.I.H Jeans / Sculpture by Henry Moore / Back Portrait by Pauline Caranton / Time & Object via COS x HAY / Portrait via Unknown.

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