'Dreamer pouch' by Tree Fairfax

Virginia based designer and curator, Tricia Hash delivers nothing but passion through her leather goods, handmade and never mass-produced. To begin, there seems to be a wider consciousness in the media that is delivering more awareness throughout our waste. It is indeed awesome and I believe Tricia leads in that commitment to her minimally designed goods.

— The repetitiveness in the constant need can often ware our intuitive down and assume that we need more in order to have a stronger self-performance or sense of style but it isn't true. The focus shouldn't be so derived from what is - at the moment, but what is present and what can still be very bold later on. Remain focused on the guidelines you've set.

I also cannot wait to wear this as the temperature warms up! It's a medium-sized pouch that fits your phone, film camera and some skin-care essentials that I currently can't go without.

Thank you so much, Tricia, for this lovely gift!

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