My stay with the Henry Howard Hotel in New Orleans

Is it safe to call New Orleans a home away from home? The crescent city remains a favorite of mine as I visit each time, I feel a stronger and more intentional desire in knowing more about it. Not just the flows and musts of this city, but more so how living is really made. The ones who've spent some time here seem so okay with pretty much anything that is offered. No just isn't an answer here. It's always above and beyond.

I've been so fortunate to come back to the Henry Howard Hotel! Once a townhouse by former architect, Henry Howard, located in one of the most charming neighborhoods, Lower Garden District. The stunningly bright and historical charm of its European inspired architecture invites just anyone in. It truly speaks for the city of New Orleans. This time staying meant more than just being in a city full of places to eat and explore history but also self-centering the desires that we often feel as artists. We value the spaces where we can share our essences of beauty and joy with others and just spending time in the sanctuary that has been formulated by The Henry Howard. Spring was introduced by hangs on the balcony and Sangria's served in-house.

This city continuously creates routes for fulfillment and I couldn't help but come back. I'm sure I'll keep coming back...
Disclaimer: This post was partnered with The Henry Howard Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. All words and opinions are expressed as my own.
Words and Images by Ryan Lopes © April — 2018. 

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