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 S K I N  C A R E — Who can't get enough? The start of the year really led off to some new focuses and areas that I personally want to delve more into, because nothing beats the consciousness that comes within self. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably heard me rambling a bit about how I've recently bought a kit from F. Miller Skin Care, a small brand based out of Vancouver, which focuses on using all natural oils as bases to richer, moisturized skin. Take a look at which brands I've had my eyes on and some I've recently given into.

I've only heard great things about Lelabo alone. You can't miss them on the media, and those whom we admire, admire them as well. F. Miller, saying less at this point because I am just a bit obsessed. Tangent GC is another, new brand that I'm spotting fellow blog friends using and it's quite pleasant to see more simplicity complexifying its value and quality over the quantity and hype. Susanne Kaufmann, wow. I own the hand cream currently and will without a doubt be owning more of the Austrian's skincare that provides deep insight and again, natural bases to moisturize and deliver the true meaning to skincare. Na Nin isn't only a lovely studio of style vintage and ethical clothing retail, but feature elements of home and beauty through their studio, along with beautiful in-house made natural products for long-lasting, unique routines. 

Two images above by ©Na Nin Studio 2018. 
Words and Edits by ©Ryan Lopes 2018.

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