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Our style is what defines us, really. Easier said than done as well, though I thought I'd curate this post to share what are some of my tips and things I search for when seeking elements to a truthful and comforting wardrobe. This post is essential to both him or her, with no specified budget. It's true, you can look good without investing in fast-fashion or killer prices that place weight and wonder into our minds and bank accounts.

1. Find what tones and colors suit you best. We all have a preferred color coordination and wear that one color more than usual. For me, blacks and blues appear on my body quite frequently. I admire whites and pastels of beiges as well, so anything that is fitting and matches the chart is a step to consider investing. I don't always purchase what I come across (and who does?) but I usually first find my preferred color chart and then seek something I don't already have and something that does not blend in as much of what you'd normally see. After all, you want your style to represent you and what comforts you.

2. Second hand is your best friend. Vintage, thrifted finds or even the most classic hand-me-downs go such a long way. Who doesn't love storyline to a garment that is not only limited but, also one of a kind? The philosophy on second-hand clothing is quite brilliant. If you're someone like me who is seeking quality and unique fitting clothing, I lean towards more clothing that was made in Europe or here in the United States. Interesting pieces that are made in other countries interest me a lot too. They have a ton of concept and individuality to its purpose. More than often as well, the pieces are handmade. The respect and approach are direct, you cannot depreciate its process.

3. Don't be afraid to try new things. Clothing has so much variety and it doesn't only matter what color clothing you wear or how you avoid repetitiveness it's about how you combine each look, each time. To clarify that a bit more — like I, I own two pairs of jeans, two black pants (one cropped & tailored, another - wider on the legs, still tailored) and two khaki toned trousers. I own way more shirts than I even should but am constantly donating what has not been worn in three months time.

4. Invest when you feel it. Don't be intimadated by it. In time, your sense of investing may become shorter and you may realize that you don't have to spend multiple amounts of average money on pieces of clothing that a.) aren't lasting b.) aren't beneficial — so, when the time approaches and something you may really love is pricier, consider to yourself, "Will this piece last in time? What can I wear with this, and how could I possibly mix it up over and over again?" These thinking points are super helpful in making the right decisions on investing in the things you really love without considering the price of it. You won't be as overwhelmed because you have limited your wardrobe to things that are better quality and do not distract the concept of your set style. Shoes typically cost more money, and they're probably the only thing I invest in along with bags but I'm even aiming to be more conscious in buying shoes that can be repurposed. Sneakers are the only exception!

5. Save. Now, this word can also intimidate the mind a bit because there are some of us, very much like myself who are pretty impulsive and really cannot help it, but saving does save everything, for the most part! Converting to a wardrobe and/or lifestyle that is more economically conscious could be more extensive towards a set budget we may have for things that remediate to our needs, and it gets costly, but consider buying less of those and think what can be re-purposed. Save for the items and products you've conducted research upon and know the efforts within the brand(s). Those mindful areas help you adjust to a more self-content way of holding on to what you have.

6. Lastly, and in my opinion, most importantly, be intentional and be trustworthy of your given style. It belongs to you and it should be natural. Your uniform. You eventually have the mindset of just getting up and going because you know what tones you work with what you're wearing and how you pair off certain garments to unify a look all together. Whether it's cropped pants and more of a statement top, or switch it around, let your shoes do the talking for once. Everything shouldn't outshine, but rather correspond to one-another through your outfit of the day. Again, style is personally signified based on how you deliver your appearance. So, where do you start?

Shoes by Martiniano Lopez via Garmentory & Bags by Tree Fair Fax
All clothing, curated vintage garments by Ryan Lopes. 
Words and Styling by Ryan Lopes ©May 2018
Photography by Christopher Mongeau.

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