Tracy Dixon Ceramics

Today I'm sharing the work of Tracy Dixon, a European based ceramist - who I've followed since she began showcasing her photography through her home and family, daily. Tracy has taken some workshops at Illyria Pottery in Oxford, UK and has grown tremendously in sculpting her own designs. Something in particular, that I can't seem to fully grasp what is that makes me love and discover new ceramics designed by talented small-owners. Most, are women that I've come across and are passionate about design, experimenting with everyday essentials that present more than it's mere design, but the process behind experiments that turns into something useful and memorable.

Dixon works from her garden in Wilthshire with only Porcelain, which speaks pretty fluidly through her work, either hand-made or wheel thrown - the focus is only contemporary and it's natural reveal through each design scultped beautifully. There's so much to admire about Tracy's ceramics, as she aims towards an affordable approach for all to enjoy in their special homes, with much meaning of having a relationship with the owners you buy from.

You can follow Tracy on Instagram or keep an eye out for the launc of her products on her Website.

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