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What an honor, when I am asked to share any of my experiences along with the community of Self Practice. Lauren, founder of the groundbreaking wellness platform Self Practice has launched as a website for mental activities and affirmatives to initiating the next step within our boundaries of wellness. What speaks to me most is that this platform is extremely rooted with the start of ourselves and no value needed. This fundamental-free platform is inclusive to all who have a mind of their own to think from. No dollar, nor descriptive is subjective upon being apart of an experience that prompts you to a better place within ourselves, and that is exactly why I chose to answer the questions Lauren provided in correspondence to my motions.

L: What keeps you moving?

R:I believe what keeps me moving is being able to see the sun. We couldn’t ever take that for granted.
Though lot’s of other things along with the contribution of the sun, like identifying the restful points that are required to progress within us. Spending time with my peers and those who I have a true relationship with contribute.

L: How has stillness inspired your own practices?

R: Stillness inspires my practice upon insertion. There’s got to be an even balance between the space held for ourselves along with being present to what makes up for that, and sustaining it. Stillness, for me, often is granted in a non-perpetual form. It comes in such short intervals though I’m learning to really take the time to learn what it is that is in front of me and around me. There’s value within the placement(s) we stand. I can affirm this.

L: Where are you eager to grow?

R: I’d love to identify more growth within my short-term goals and timeframes that propel not only my work but the time I should be equally setting aside to take care of myself. Self-care is easily grasped as a status of sustainability and structure. I am always aiming to take care better care of myself, though if not all, many of those areas need urgent tending to. My displays of attentiveness and taking care of myself are often displayed; I am beyond far from taken care of, or even well at given times. I am eager to grow within my own self-inquiry— I only have the answers that respond to my curiosity.

L: How does the past propel you? 

R: The past propels me on a perfect scale as I find it helpful to stay on track of what my goals are, though I wound up too caught up on those sentiments, being extremely doubtful of how I will later feel. You know?

L: In what ways do you hope to change?

R: I think I am on track to a greater understanding of space as an entirety. Personal space and this universal current that is continuously growing as space. There’s unlimited room to grow. This statement is extremely strong because I personally struggle a lot with instant change. To even answer this question leaves me a little indecisive upon response because I have many responses towards both concepts of hope and change. I hope— to someday become thankful of all my surrendering. To truthfully breathe and be all hope, fear, and mystery. To be equal with both darkness and light. Change — always feels like it wasn’t meant for me. And I always find myself thinking of a plan to run back to all safety measures at the very last minute of a coming opportunity. When will this feel different? I sure wonder and hope a lot.

L: How do you sooth growing pains?

R: I willingly surrender.

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Images by Ryan Lopes for Self Practice — 2019.

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