We learn the value of a lot. We’re constantly receiving turmoil as we are equally given leverage, though the healing takes a lot much longer than the breaking. It is at a quest like this, in particular, where we lose circumstances, people and things that we never could’ve given the exception of being withheld from us at an instance.
We can only relay it being, still young, rooted and fresh. Perhaps it is the complexities that serve its purpose in such a short time-frame, to later teach us about the meaning of value and love.

I’ve felt like too many things have been taken from me before I could truly take a grab at it, claim it and recharge it with my incentives. There are so many questions that I have, that I am willing to let time tell on its own. And I refuse to settle for anything less than my values.

—Ryan Lopes,  January, 2020.

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